There are tons of things to see and do in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the home to many of the stories known in history. But what about the cost?!! You can now tour Boston without breaking the bank. Check out the Go Boston Card online and find discounts, advance to the front of the line promotions, and even out right free admissions. The following are some sites you won’t want to miss on your trip to the eastern seaboard town.

One of the most interesting sites is the Boston Movie Mile Walking Tour. You can stroll along the different sites where more than 30 movies were made, right in Boston. Get refreshed at Bull & Finch, the bar that inspired the movie “Cheers”, see the place where “Boston Legal” got started as well as “The Departed” and “Ally McBeal”.

The John F. Kennedy Museum will provide a bit of change of pace as you experience interactive displays depicting JFK’s time in office. It is not only historically interesting but it sits on Columbia Point which is a water-front site allowing fantastic views of Boston’s skyline.

Then return to more present day as you tour Boston’s famous Fenway Park. It contains more than just seats to see the Red Sox (although that’s okay too.) The park contains a rich history of baseball and the wonders of the past who played the game. Wear yourself out learning and trying your hand at being the next Babe Ruth.

Relaxation then awaits you aboard the famous Boston Swan Boats. These bicycle powered boats are the only ones in the world. They were invented by Robert Paget in the 1870’s and are still operated by his descendants. These boats have been pleasing passengers for the last 130 years. ¬†When you need to rest, try one of the following top rated hotels for peace of mind for your pocketbook as well as a place to put up your feet.

Milner Hotel, Hotel 140 and 40 Berkeley all have great. affordable rooms which are easily accessible to Bostons top attractions. Become a part of it as you experience Boston’s history!