Visit Seattle in Style

Seattle is a thriving urban area known for its exciting culture and — for those who want to be pampered — its many opportunities to treat yourself. The city is full of day spas, high-end neighborhoods, and extravagant shops and attractions. You can even plan a trip to a local hot spring to unwind in natural comfort. Here are some suggestions for luxury travelers who want to enjoy a sumptuous visit to Seattle.

Treat Yourself in One of Seattle’s Spas

A spa day is a must for any trip made in the spirit decadence. You could visit Seattle and have a lovely experience doing nothing more than stopping by one of the area’s many incredible spas. Try Ananya Spa Seattle at 2810 Elliot Ave. This place offers body treatments, nail services, and massages, and you can book a private appointment in advance.

For something more unique, spend some time at Float Bellevue. Though this isn’t a spa, floatation therapy is associated with many physical and mental benefits. Schedule a first float session for $39 or sign up for a first-time three float package for $135, and relax as you let your mind and body rejuvenate.

If the weather permits and you’re up for some time outside, you can let nature do the work. Make a reservation at one of the nearby natural hot springs. Visit Sol Duc Hot Springs in Olympic National Park, and take a dip in one of the three mineral pools. Closer to Seattle, you can reserve a spot (only 20 people are allowed per day) and take in some fresh air at the Goldmyer Hot Springs.

Shop and Dine on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle, offering plenty of unique and luxurious shopping and dining opportunities. For something hip to commemorate your trip, go to Sitka & Spruce — an upscale restaurant specializing in Pacific Northwestern fare. You can eat brunch, lunch, or dinner and pick from specials off a rotating a la carte menu.

Complement your meal with a Seattle-exclusive day of shopping. Go to Mishu, a boutique off of Broadway East, and browse the selection of locally-designed apparel and accessories.

Plan a Day at Mercer Island

Take a short drive from Seattle down Interstate 90 to Mercer Island. Dip your toes in the sand at Luther Burbank Park, and take a moment to do nothing. The island offers gorgeous views of the banks of Seattle. It’s a great place to sit in silence and watch the sunset. Though there are no hotels on the island, you can find a nearby luxury hotel to accommodate your retreat.

If you came to Seattle to spoil yourself, stop by Oh! Chocolate before you cast off from Mercer Island. Here you can pick up some seasonal delicacies such as a chocolate-dipped frozen banana or attend a chocolate class to learn more about this fabulous dessert.

Seattle has things to do, especially when it comes to pampering yourself. Plan a spa day or visit one the local hot springs, and enjoy the many excellent restaurants and luxury attractions in and around the city.